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Ductless Split Mini Systems in Buffalo

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At Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we know that split air conditioning systems are a great way to improve the comfort level in your home. These ductless min split systems are climate control regulators that automatically move hot and cool air in an effort to maintain a uniform temperature throughout a residential space. One of their primary benefits is that you can improve the comfort of a room without the invasive construction required to extend ductwork beyond its original design.

Split systems have many advantages over their clunky and common window unit counterparts. Loud window units block views and cause indoor noise pollution. Without automatic temperature regulation they may also be responsible for increased summertime utility bills.

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Why Choose a Ductless Split System?

Customers enjoy a wide variety of benefits when using their ductless systems, including:

  • Sleek design: Unlike traditionally oversized and hefty window air conditioners, mini split systems require minimal set-up and take up less space without blocking window views.
  • Quiet operation: Perhaps the biggest difference between split system and traditional air conditioning units is their quiet operation. Split units are ideal for homes, offices, or any other number of locations where noise is best kept at bay.
  • Climate control: Split systems automatically regulate hot and cold indoor temperatures, making for easy control and function.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Because split air conditioning systems automatically regulate climate control, cooling and heating effects are made available only when needed. Split systems reduce overall energy costs by improving overall household temperature efficiency. Ductless systems also allow zone control, so air can be turned off in rooms that aren’t occupied. This gives the user more control over how much energy they are using and purchasing.
  • More energy efficient: With central air, energy loss can be up to 30 percent as the treated air escapes from the ducts throughout the home. These ducts provide more opportunity for leaks compared to a ductless system which distributes air more directly.
  • Cleaner: Central air ducts accumulate dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants throughout the entire system and must be cleaned often. Ductless systems must be cleaned regularly as well, but since there are no ducts for contaminants to build up, they tend to be cleaner and easier to clean than central air units. The result is cleaner breathing air circulating through your home or building.
  • Use in a variety of spaces: Because the unit only controls the room it is in, ductless mini splits can be ideal if you only need to heat or cool one room. However, since more than one indoor unit can connect to the outdoor unit, you can still easily install these units to heat and cool your entire home. Some spaces are not suitable for central air because the space is too small for duct installation. Because ductless mini splits only require a 3-inch hole for the conduit to run through, they can be installed in smaller, more challenging spaces.
  • More flexibility and control: With ductless mini splits, a temperature can be set for each specific unit, so each person can set the room they’re into the temperature most comfortable to them. Some rooms get more sunlight or retain heat more than others, and ductless mini splits can help to ensure consistent temperature throughout a home. Many ductless mini splits even come with remote controls to conveniently control temperatures, and settings for the system to run at certain times of the day or only when people are in the room. When it comes to installing ductless units, there is flexibility as to where they can be installed. They can be flush-mounted or suspended from the ceiling or mounted on several areas of your walls. Unlike central air units, the indoor and outdoor units of ductless installation systems can be separated up to 50 feet so the outdoor units can be placed further away so the home can be more visually appealing.

Before you choose either central air or ductless installation, it is important to fully evaluate each system in terms of which better fits your home or lifestyle. Be sure to talk to a professional here at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to help you make your decision and properly install the system.

Should You Go Ductless or Choose Central AC?

How Ductless Works

Ductless installation heat and cools a home or building through an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor compressor/condenser. The two are connected through the wall of a conduit of refrigerant tubing, power cables, condensate drain, and suction tubing. The treated air is dispersed from the indoor unit into the room it’s located in. In order to heat and cool a whole home or building with this method, an indoor unit must be installed in each room you would like to heat or cool.

How Central AC Works

Central air runs similarly, through both an indoor and outdoor unit. The difference is, with central air, there is only one indoor unit, usually hidden in a basement or closet. The temperature treated air passes through a system of ducts throughout the home to heat and cool each room.

Though they may not be the most popular form of heating and cooling, ductless mini splits are gaining popularity and proving to be an efficient and reliable method of heating and cooling. So don’t turn away from ductless installation just yet; you may find they actually have several advantages over central air.

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The benefits of split system air conditioning units clearly outweigh those of their traditional window unit counterparts. At Roy’s, our ductless split system technicians in Buffalo work to make the entire process as seamless as possible for your home. Our professionals are trained, certified, and utilize top-notch equipment and industry leading technology to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

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