5 Reasons You Need a Furnace Tune Up From Roy’s Before Winter Sets In

Don’t Wait Until Your Furnace Breaks Down on a Cold Winter Night

  1. Some furnace issues will more than double your cost of operation without a noticeable reduction in your home’s heat level. Don’t wait until that first sky-high utility bill arrives—get the Roy’s furnace tune-up treatment today!
  2. Equipment manufacturers require annual maintenance to validate your warranty. This is something a ton of homeowners don’t realize until it’s too late. If you don’t give your furnace proper attention year in and year out, your furnace’s maker will actually void the warranty that came in the box.
  3. Approximately 80% of all heat exchanger failures could have been avoided with proper planned maintenance from a Roy’s heating professional.
  4. It’s important to your furnace’s health that you regularly change or clean your air filters. Reduced airflow due to plugged filters and dirty fans will cause premature wear and tear on your unit’s individual components and reduce your heating system performance, while also decreasing overall efficiency.
  5. One of the first things our techs do is check your home and furnace unit for unsafe levels of carbon monoxide (CO). CO is completely colorless and odorless and, when inhaled in high quantities, can be fatal. Every year in the United States, over 20,000 people land in the emergency room due to exposure to CO and from that number over 400 resulted in deaths.

At Roy’s, we understand the cost of neglecting annual furnace maintenance is very high. Without a proper, ongoing maintenance plan in place, your furnace’s operation can become not only a financial issue, but also a convenience and safety issue.

Each year, the cause of around 75% of our emergency calls can be traced back to inadequate maintenance. Don’t leave it to chance—a neglected, poorly maintained furnace can and will break down on some frigid winter night when you need it most. If your furnace isn’t getting proper care, it could lead to higher utility bills, a chilly home and in a worst-case scenario, unsafe levels of carbon monoxide.

So don’t wait another day—it’s only getting colder out there. Just call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling for a professional furnace tune-up today!