Ask a Buffalo Plumbing Expert About Water Jetting Your Drains

Water Jetting Not Only Clears Clogs but Restores Pipes to Original Condition

You’ve probably heard of the common remedies for clearing a clog – store-bought drain cleaning chemicals, a plumber’s snake, a plunger. But you may have never heard of “water jetting” before.

Sometimes clogs are more extensive than just having too much hair down the drain. If that’s the case, then all of the aforementioned drain-clearing attempts will not work effectively. And we’re sure you don’t want to have recurring clogs, burst pipes, or sewage smells throughout your home for much longer.

So what’s causing these monstrous blockages that are giving you even bigger headaches?

  1. Tree roots: We know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Roots find moisture wherever they can get it, even in the smallest of cracks. They’ll find their way into your pipes, grow, and eventually clog them up.
  2. Aged original piping: There may be certain angles from either old age or bad design that will catch stuff in them, resulting in a clog.

If this is an issue that you’re experiencing, don’t worry. This is where that water jetting method we mentioned earlier comes into play. Water jetting is a technique we use that sends high-pressure water quickly into your pipes to rid them of any and all obstructions. But it doesn’t stop there. Water jetting also:

  1. Removes all lime deposits
  2. Removes sand and concrete
  3. Softens built-up grease residues
  4. Completely spray-washes the inside of your pipes, making them look like new.

In fact, we guarantee that when you call Roy’s Plumbing for a drain clearing, we will not leave until your pipes are restored back to their original condition. Don’t let a clogged drain keep you down – call (716) 215-2678 Roy’s Plumbing today!