Water Pressure Problem in North Tonawanda, NY

roys plumbing technician image 02Check to Make Sure Valves Are Fully Open

A customer called to tell us that the water pressure in her home had been weak ever since a neighbor’s tree had fallen on the house. There was a hole in the wall on the first floor. She had water pressure, but it wasn’t as strong as it was before the accident.

In most instances, corroded pipes cause low water pressure. In this case, though, what may have happened is that the falling tree could have partially closed a valve that controls the flow of water. It could have also broken a pressure relief valve.

If you ever experience low water pressure, there are ways to make sure that your valves are fully open. Check your main water supply first. The shut-off valve is usually located near the area where plumbing enters your home. There are also several other valves that control various fixtures. Check them all to make sure they are fully open.

If the water pressure is still low, call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling today so we can see if any of your pipes have corroded.