Water Pressure Reduction in Buffalo, NY

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Reduction for More Than Two Hours Needs Professional Diagnosis

If you have a sudden drop in water pressure there could be several causes. If this issue lasts for more than an hour or two, or if it happens on a regular basis, call a professional so that the cause can be diagnosed and fixed.

Common causes of water pressure reduction:

  1. The problem could be on the municipal utility end. There may be workers in your area repairing or maintaining plumbing lines. For example, there could be a leak somewhere in one of the main lines and, as a result, water is being diverted from the line that feeds into your home.
  2. Your area could have experienced a sudden spike in demand as several people tried to draw water at the same time.
  3. If you were watering your lawn, it is possible that you may have forgotten to turn off a faucet or a sprinkler.
  4. There could also be a broken pipe somewhere in your plumbing. Go to your water meter and record the reading and then turn off the supply to the home. If the meter continues to spin, that is an indication you have some sort of major leak.

If you ever experience a sudden fluctuation in water pressure, call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling!