The Truth About Tankless Water Heaters in Buffalo

Fact vs. Fiction: How Much Do You Really Know About Tankless Water Heaters?

If you are ready to replace that large, bulky water heater tank you have in your home, it’s time you started looking for something new: a tankless. Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular daily, and yet there are still those out there who want to dispute their usefulness.

Well, fortunately for you, Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is here to help you discern myth from reality.

Myth #1: I won’t receive a continuous flow of hot water with a tankless water heater.

Truth: Yes, you will! Tankless systems operate by heating water as it passes over a heating element. Therefore, water is always heated before it reaches the element, not leaving room for cold water to enter the stream.

Myth #2: They’re inefficient.

Truth: Actually, they are far from it. Tankless water heaters use clean energy at minimal use and they cost less to operate in comparison to a traditional tanked one. Not to mention traditional water heaters leave a much larger carbon footprint than their tankless counterparts.

Myth #3: Tankless systems are way more expensive than traditional ones.

Truth: While the initial cost of installing a tankless water heater might be more than the installation of a traditional one, the long-term costs are much less. In fact, switching to a tankless can save you up to 20% on your energy bills each month. Tankless systems don’t store water, as they don’t have anywhere to store it. Therefore, water is only heated as it’s needed, not all the time. It’s better to pay for water that you actually use and not just pay for the estimated use.

Myth #4: Water heats to unsafe temperatures with tankless systems.

Truth: Tankless water heaters come with adjustable thermostats specifically designed to ensure the water doesn’t get too hot. These thermostats allow you to set the temperature exactly how you like it, but also prevent overheating and scalding.

Myth #5: I won’t have enough water for all of my needs with a tankless water heater.

Truth: We guarantee that you will! Tankless systems might not have a storage tank, but that doesn’t mean they don’t supply hot water every time you need it. Again, water is heated as it passes over a heating element so water is always available and always hot.

Now that you know the truth, the choice is obvious: You need a tankless water heater in your home. Call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today!