Ask a Buffalo Heating Contractor: Do I Need Furnace Repair?

Brrrr, this is the worst time of year to be stuck in a cold house, isn’t it? If you find yourself shaking and shivering as you try to relax in your house, we have some bad news for you. Either your home is haunted or your home’s furnace is malfunctioning. And while we can’t do much about ghosts, the latter happens to fall right into our sweet spot! At Roy’s, repairing furnaces is just another day on the job. Remember, if your furnace is fairly new furnace, a simple repair will usually fix your problem.

It is always a good idea to call a Roy’s heating expert to examine the problem to ensure the safety of you and your home. Think of your furnace as the heart of your heating system—if it’s not working properly, the effects are felt all throughout the house.

Common Furnace Problems:

  • No Annual Maintenance: Just like a car, an annual yearly check-up for your furnace is a necessity. If you don’t do it you might miss a simple fix that could potentially become bigger. Always opt for preventative maintenance, it will end up saving you more money.
  • Clogged Filters: Not enough air will be able to flow out into your house and the air that does get through won’t be as clean. Changing or cleaning your furnace filters can go a long way in terms of maintenance.
  • Common Wear and Tear: Some parts of your furnace may rust or just stop working. A simple replacement of these will have your furnace working like new again.
  • Thermostat Issues: The thermostat determines how much heat needs to be pumped into your home. If the thermostat is not working properly it could result in no hot air flow into your home causing you to be cold.

Let us help you stay warm this winter. If you think your furnace needs to be repaired, please don’t hesitate to call Roy’s. We will be there to repair your furnace to make sure you and your family can stay warm during these long winter months. Call us today!