Ask a Buffalo Plumbing Expert: What to Do If Your Pipes Burst

Don’t Panic: Just Call Roy’s

If you’ve ever dealt with frozen pipes before – and chances are, you have – then you know how terrible it can be if they burst. Frozen pipes already leave you and your family without water, but having them burst leaves you with a mess.

As the temperature drops, it’s possible for the water in your pipes to freeze. And, as it freezes, it expands and pushes against the sides of the pipes, nearby valves, seams, and faucets. The freezing and pushing puts a lot of strain on your pipes and will eventually cause them to burst.

The first thing you need to know about frozen pipes is how to thaw them out. Sometimes, by performing a few simple tasks, you can prevent them from ever bursting.

How to That Out Frozen Pipes in Buffalo

  1. Pick up some heat tape and wrap it around the pipes. But, be careful you don’t wrap it over itself, as it could cause a fire.
  2. Put a hair dryer on its lowest setting and hold it over the frozen pipe until you notice it thawing out.
  3. Use a heat gun. This is an effective method, but be careful – don’t use it around any paper or wood.
  4. If your pipes are boxed-in, try exposing it to inside heat by removing a ceiling tile.
  5. Wet some rags with warm water and rub the pipes with them.

As you might be aware – your plumbing really doesn’t care about what’s convenient for you, so despite your best efforts you pipes might still burst. If that’s the case, then you really need to be prepared.

What to Do if Your Pipes Burst

  1. First – turn off the water at the meter and turn off your central heating system.
  2. Then, turn on all of your taps to drain the system. By draining the system, you are ensuring that no water is flowing out of the pipes.
  3. Do not touch flooded electrical systems! It sounds obvious, but in a moment of panic you never know what you might do. Just try to turn off the electricity, and leave us to deal with the flooded stuff.
  4. Call in a Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning professional. We’ll repair the broken pipe and get your plumbing back to working like normal in no time.

Don’t deal with the stress of burst pipes – call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning today!