Drain Problems in Buffalo

Roy's plumber

Roy’s recently received a call from a customer who said that when she ran her washing machine it would cause the sink to overflow. The reason this type of problem occurs is because of a drain clog that is obstructing the flow of water.

There are many different reasons that this type of problem will take place. Typically, the problem will be debris such as hair, soap, fats, or food that get into the main drain and cause an obstruction. Other times, there can be some sort of outside clog caused by debris such as dirt and leaves getting into an outside drain. If you are experiencing this issue, you may also have a broken pipe that has collapsed and led to the clog.

In many instances, a plumbing snake will be effective. However, there will be other times where a snake won’t provide a permanent solution. If the clog is caused by grease and food, for example, the snake will be able to clear a path for water to form. But that clog will eventually re-form because the materials that caused the obstruction weren’t completely eliminated in the first place.

In instances like these, a water jet is typically the only way to take care of the problem. Water jetting will completely obliterate all obstructions, while also restoring your pipes back to their original condition.

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