What to Look for in a Buffalo Plumber

Before you let somebody into your home, you need to trust them. Before you let somebody work on your car, you need to trust them. Before you let somebody work on your home, you absolutely need to trust them! That’s why it’s so critical to have plumbers in Buffalo like Roy’s — established, licensed, and insured professionals whom homeowners can trust. But how many homeowners know plumbers?

It can be hard to find a plumber on short notice whom you truly feel comfortable with. When you have a plumbing emergency, like a burst pipe or main line back-flow, you want solutions quickly, and you don’t always have time to do your research.

However, at Roy’s we know that finding the right Buffalo plumber is simple: you just need to follow the rule of 3 Ls! In this week’s blog, our experts want to save you some trouble: next time you need plumbing assistance, make sure your plumber qualifies for the following:

Finding a Buffalo Plumber: The “3 Ls”

At Roy’s Plumbing, we deliver high quality plumbing service on every job we do. We’ve been trusted in Buffalo for home services since 1974, and in 2012 we were named Buffalo’s Best Plumber! But before any plumber can be award-winning, or even simply as dedicated to customer service as we are here at Roy’s, you’ve got to start with the basics. Is your Buffalo plumber:

  1. Local– When you work with someone from out of state, they may not be familiar with the local codes. Every state has slightly different regulations for how to install sewer drains, connect water lines, and place plumbing fixtures. A certified local expert from Roy’s will always be familiar with area regulations and complete your project according to them.
  2. Licensed– Having an official plumbing license means you’re professionally trained as well as properly insured. Unlicensed plumbers may try to do your plumbing work for cheaper, making them a tempting alternative, but the reality is that you’ll be paying a lot more in the likely instance that your unlicensed plumber injures himself during a job or doesn’t do the work correctly the first time around.
  3. Lawful– Here in Buffalo, there’s a good deal of need-to-know information for plumbers. For instance, water heater efficiency standards have been raised nationwide, so after April 15th all homeowners looking for water heater replacement will need to upgrade to a higher efficiency model. Homes in New York state are older, and they mostly have water heaters that are placed in closets or utility rooms, meaning the larger models may not fit — which is why we’re suggesting getting a water heater replacement before the deadline.

When you need a plumber in Buffalo you can rely on, call Roy’s!