AC Installation in Amherst, NY: It Might Be Time For An Upgrade

Chances it’s been over ten years since you’ve had an ac installation in Amherst. If so, you may be interested in hearing about all the comfort boosting and money-saving advancements that have occurred since the last time there was an ac installation in your Amherst home.


Older ac units are noisy. Their drones can be heard inside the house and can make for annoying “background music” at outdoor gatherings. Many compressors are now built with vibration isolation. Combine this improvement along with a sound-deadening blanket and you’re in up to 5-decibel noise reduction!


Off and on. Those are probably the only two settings your older or basic air conditioning blower has. When you decide to have a new ac installed in Amherst be sure to ask one of Roys’ HVAC technicians about a variable-speed blower. Variable-speed blowers are adjustable and can help you save money by making it possible to keep a room moderately cool, while you’re not home without having to run your ac unit at full capacity.

Lower cost cooling:

Even in the middle of summer there are usually some cool days and there are certainly cool nights. Many newer air conditioners have fan-only features. Fan-only features pull air from the outside without using the compressor to cool it. Now, you don’t have to waste energy and money in order to have fresh, cool air circulated throughout your Amherst home.

Eco-friendly coolant:

Older air conditioning units typically use R-22 refrigerant. This type of coolant isn’t great for the environment and is being replaced by R-410A. R-22 is getting more and more expensive as the supply is dwindling. New ac installation in Amherst means you will be helping the environment while helping your wallet.


Efficiency is the buzzword in the world of home appliances. Specifically when it is tied to energy. Many modern ac units are energy efficient although they have very practical features, such as fan-delay that make you go, “why didn’t someone think of this sooner.” In older units, when the compressor goes off so does the fan. Well, there is still cool air in your ducts that stay put. After the compressor is turned off fan delay stays on for a few minutes, moving the already cooled air into your home.