3 Signs It’s Time to Consider Water Heater Replacement in Buffalo

Do you want to add comfort, as well as value to your home? Then maybe it’s time to consider water heater replacement in Buffalo.

Do You Need Water Heater Replacement in Buffalo?

Unless your water heater breaks down completely, leaving you with icy cold showers (and probably a bad mood to boot), you probably don’t give that appliance much thought. However, as water heaters age, they become less effective, as well as more costly to run. In addition, they’re more vulnerable to damage due to wear and tear. Before you commit to buying a new water heater, however, it’s important to figure out if this is your best option. Watch out for the following three signs:

  1. There’s no more hot water. If your water heater fails to heat water at all, then there’s really something wrong. Occasionally, the heating element can be repaired and you’re all set for a couple of years, but especially if your water heater is over 10 years old, you’re better off replacing it.
  2. The water heater won’t switch on. If you’ve checked the breaker switch and the fuses, and the appliance still won’t switch on, it’s probably time to purchase a new water heater.
  3. The storage tank leaks. Over time, corrosion has a detrimental effect on storage tank water heaters. Once the tank starts to leak, it can cause costly water damage to your home. That’s why it’s better to replace it completely.

How Water Heater Replacement in Buffalo Can Enhance Your Home

Even though it’s a significant investment, replacing your water can enhance your home in a number of ways:

  • It’s more comfortable to live in. You’ll always have enough hot, clean water for washing your hands, showering and bathing.
  • There’s no risk of water damage. A new tank won’t leak water.
  • It’s more energy-efficient. A newer model will consume less energy, making it cheaper to operate—as well as better for the environment.
  • It will add value to your home. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the next couple of years, having a relatively new, eco-friendly water heater installed will help drive up the asking price.

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