5 Common Signs You Need Furnace Replacement in Amherst

If you’re like most homeowners, you may think about whether the furnace needs to be replaced from time to time. Let’s face it – a furnace is not a light investment. The truth is you may be costing yourself more by holding off. It might not even be worth it to upgrade the one you have. A new model comes with many benefits not to mention a reprieve from many of the signs you should consider furnace replacement Amherst homeowners hold off on.

5 Common Reasons to Replace Your Furnace

  1. The furnace is old. It’s generally accepted that furnaces can last for as long as 18, 20 years. There are recommendations, however, you go the distance if it’s been in your home for 15 years or more. That’s because more recently built furnaces are more energy efficient. Furnaces have lasted as long as 20 years, but that could be a stretch in today’s market. If yours suddenly breaks down, that doesn’t leave much time for researching when you shop around for a new furnace.
  2. You’re paying higher gas and electric bills. It’s fairly typical for furnaces to become less efficient as they age. If it has to run over longer periods of time to match the same heat settings, your bills will certainly go up. That is a pattern you should look for. Think about using the extra money you’re paying monthly to buy a brand new, efficient model.
  3. You are not comfortable. You and your family may start to feel less comfortable. It might take many thermostat adjustments to reach that level. An aging furnace doesn’t distribute air as well, so that might be the reason. Increasingly stuffy or stale air, or worsening allergies, can signal an issue as well. On the extreme side, people may get headaches, burning in their nose or eyes, or flu-like symptoms, which could mean deadly carbon monoxide is being released.
  4. Lots of repairs have been made in the last two years. For most furnaces, the majority of the breakdowns and repairs happen in this stage of their operating lives. If you’re continuously replacing parts, or it’s hard to get replacement parts, you’ll probably save in the long run by getting a new furnace.
  5. The furnace is not working the same. When they need furnace replacement in Amherst residents often notice certain things beforehand. One is banging, rattling, squealing, or popping sounds. You might hear the blower more or it runs for longer. Also, check the burner flame. If it’s yellow instead of the normal blue, it could mean carbon monoxide is being emitted. Aside from health symptoms, warning signs may be visible soot, moisture on windows or cold surfaces, rusting on flue pipes, or water leaking from the chimney.

Act When It’s Time to Replace the Furnace

If you have any of these, protect you and your family by seeking furnace replacement Amherst companies like Roy’s Plumbing are qualified for. Don’t wait any longer. Contacts us immediately to optimize your home heating, efficiency, and health.