Furnace Maintenance in Buffalo: Extend the Life Your Furnace with Our Checklist!

Today’s furnace models last longer than ever, usually up to 15 years, but proper furnace maintenance in Buffalo can make them last even longer! All too often, homeowners will allow their perfectly capable furnace go to waste due to a lack of maintenance, meaning they will  be spending money on replacement sooner than they should. Since we are now in the coldest time of the year, it’s important than ever to ensure your furnace can keep running throughout the season. It’s simple: if you don’t want your furnace failing on you in the middle of the winter, you need to take care of it.

Roy’s Plumbing is here to lead you down the right path so you know how properly maintain your furnace just in time for the snow and cold temperatures. We don’t want to see you without a working heating system this year or go through the trouble of having to find a new furnace model for replacement. Our team of technicians have years of experience, which lends itself well to teaching you how to maintain your furnace like a pro!

A Helpful Checklist for Furnace Maintenance in Buffalo

Need a little help with your furnace? The team at Roy’s Plumbing is here to provide you with the following checklist:

  • Since furnace components cause friction in motors and increases the amount of electricity you use, lubricate parts to lower electricity usage.
  • Check electrical connections by measuring voltage and current on motors.
  • The blower can be hindered by dirt, dust, and debris over a period of time. Clean it regularly.
  • Vacuum furnace interior. Open the furnace door and take the snorkel attachment of the vacuum to scope up any dirt or debris.
  • Change and replace air filters monthly so they’re not overtaken by dirt and debris.
  • Check the heat exchanger to ensure it doesn’t become overheated.
  • Test your carbon monoxide alarm. Furnaces can emit carbon monoxide if they begin to malfunction, and alarm will pick up on any traces of the gas in your home.
  • Clean venting systems, if you own a gas furnace. Use a large brush to sweep away any dust or debris.
  • If you own a furnace powered by natural gas and you can smell natural gas in your home, please evacuate your home immediately.

Contact Roy’s Plumbing today if you need furnace maintenance in Buffalo and of course, follow this checklist to ensure your heating system is working at its best!