5 Common Causes for Pipe Repair in Buffalo

As long as everything is running smoothly, most of us tend to ignore pipe repair in Buffalo NY. That’s as it should be. When the pipes are doing what they were designed to do, they work quietly in the background. Take heed, though. Here are five of the most common causes of pipe repairs that newbie and seasoned Buffalo homeowners should be aware of.

  1. Faulty Faucets: Leaky, dripping faucets do more than keep you awake at night. They can increase your water bill quickly and dramatically. Old or corroded washers and leaky valve seats are common ailments that make pipe repair necessary.
  1. Dragging Drains: Very little feels worse than taking a shower and watching the water pool around your feet. Stagnant water in your bathroom tub or sink or standing water in your kitchen are sure signs you’re in need of pipe repair. Grease, debris, food, sewage-any of these things can cause pipes to become slow moving or to come to a complete standstill. When water flows into your tub, basin or toilet but won’t go out, it’s time to alert the professionals at Roy’s Plumbing.
  1. Low Water Pressure: Imagine looking forward to a long, hot, pulsating shower at the end of a long day or vigorous workout only to turn on your shower and discover that low water pressure isn’t going to make that possible. Low water pressure is more than an annoyance. It can make it difficult to rinse shampoo and conditioner from your hair (remember that episode of Seinfeld?). It can also make it impossible to rinse laundry fully in your machine. Low water pressure is typically caused by excess sediment or defective aerators.
  1. Running Toilets: Do you have to jiggle the faucet to achieve a full flush? Is the floor around your commode damp? Do you constantly hear the mechanisms in your toilet working? Is your toilet water anything other than clear? A running toilet can be a simple fix or it can be a major plumbing and pipe repair issue.
  1. Caustic Corrosion: Whether your pipes are galvanized iron or sturdy copper, they can still become corroded over time. The water entering your Buffalo home exerts extreme pressure as it moves throughout your house. Ignoring or being unaware of corrosion can lead to costly leaks. Watch your home for watermarks on ceilings, damp or streaked walls or clammy flooring.

Please call Roy’s Plumbing for pipe repair in Buffalo NY today!