Duct Cleaning In Buffalo: 5 Tips For Homeowners

Homeowners are sitting up and paying attention to the ducts and airways in their homes. Years of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens can create inches of buildup. Yuck! The real danger – every time your heating and cooling system is activated, this build-up of filth is kicked up and potentially distributed all over your home. To ensure clean air in your Buffalo home, consider these five tips for duct cleaning in Buffalo:

Do Away With DIY

This is a job best tackled by professionals. Trust Roy’s Plumbing and our expert, knowledgeable team to clean your air ducts without damage or additional debris and without dispersing pollutants throughout your house. Having your ducts cleaned by professionals can prolong the life of your HVAC system, improve the quality of the air your family breathes and lower utility costs since it creates more efficient air flow.

Put It On A Regular Schedule

Schedule your duct cleaning every 3 – 5 years. While this cleaning schedule should suffice for most homes, you may want to consider more frequent duct cleaning if you or someone in your family has asthma or is a smoker. Renovations are another reason you might have us perform an additional cleaning.

Secure Family Pets

This may be a good time for outdoor pets to play outdoors and for indoor pets to get a breath of fresh air. Be sure to let your technicians know if pets will be present during the air duct cleaning process. In case you won’t be home during the duct cleaning, leave clear oral and written instructions for the technician so they know how and where to secure your pets.

Sweep, Mop and Vacuum Floors

Prior to the contractor’s arrival, remove loose soil and debris by sweeping and mopping hard, non-porous floors and vacuuming carpets. Even sweep patios if your Buffalo home has them.

Remove Breakables, Cords and Cumbersome Furniture

Take the time to put breakable items out of harm’s way. If lamps, plants or knick-knacks might pose a tripping hazard for our technicians, move them to a safe place as well. Pull out furniture, wall units, televisions, electronics and, in general, keep the floors as clear as possible.

Taking these five precautions will ensure our technicians have access to every duct in your home and that you receive the best duct cleaning service Buffalo has to offer. Ready? Call Roy’s Plumbing!