HVAC Contractor Gives Us 5 Reasons for Cold Spots

As the winter season remains in full effect and we continue to deal with these never ending winter storms, our HVAC contractor reminds us that our heaters continue to work overtime to keep us warm. If your home is well-insulated, then you won’t have to worry about the cold weather. However, what a lot of homeowners tend to deal with is cold spots in their home. One moment you’re comfortably warm in your living room, yet the next room over is freezing! This is the case with cold spots, and can be found in certain rooms in the house with varying temperatures.

Why Trust an HVAC Contractor from Roy’s?

Even though it is frustrating to deal with cold spots, it is a problem that needs resolving in order to save you time and money. Here at Roy’s, we care about resolving those problems for you. With us, you can schedule a maintenance or inspection appointment with any of our HVAC experts, equipped to handle any heating problem that may arise. We can ensure you that the furnace you’re using is the right model and can make sure everything is working in good order. Determine whether or not it is a good time to schedule a repair or replacement, and allow us to address any issues because saving money on energy bills is one thing we know we know how to do.

Cold Spots in Your Home

A lot of homes deal with cold spots so it really isn’t an uncommon subject. However, when families deal with cold spots, they always believe the solution to warming up the problem is by turning up the heat some more. But that doesn’t necessarily work and you’ll just end up overheating the rest of the house. Along with overheating your home, you’re also raising the heating bill while struggling to keep indoor temperatures under control. So, if you’re dealing cold spots, here are five reasons why you’re finding them in your home from our own HVAC contractor, and what you can do to fix it.

1. Furnace is Too Small

Our HVAC contractor states that the first reason why you could be dealing with cold spots is simply because your furnace might be too small. Clearly, this is going to leave some rooms in your house out in the cold. A furnace that is too small simply can’t generate enough heat to fulfill the amount of square footage. Also, your small furnace is probably working too hard, which ends up costing you more money. Talk to an HVAC contractor about replacing your furnace with an energy-efficient model that fits the size of your home.

2. Leaky Air Ducts

Another reason why you might have cold spots in your home is because you may be dealing with leaky air ducts. This is a problem that goes unnoticed a lot of the time that costs you more money than you’d expect. Not only that, but you’ll still be dealing with uncomfortable cold spots in your home. Leaky air ducts can actually affect your home all year long because they also damage your air conditioning too during the summer.

Indoor air quality also becomes an issue, turning a minor mistake into a large problem, especially during the winter when your home is closed tightly. The result of this problem is more headaches, allergy symptoms, and increased illness. Sticking with the duct work theme, our HVAC contractor says that a wrong sized duct work creates uneven heating in your home, making the furnace work too hard, resulting in increased energy costs. This also means costly repairs as well to your furnace.

3. Furnace Without Zoning

So say your duct work and furnace are both adequately set up, yet you’re still dealing with cold spots. Well, our HVAC contractor reminds us that if your furnace doesn’t have zoning capabilities, you are still going to run into temperature fluctuation throughout your home. The reason for this is because different areas of your home are just going to be colder. As simple as it sounds, it’s the truth because large windows, exposure, lack of carpeting or high ceilings could be the cause for concern. Zoning allows you to increase the temperature in some rooms and reduce or eliminate it in others. This is an efficient and effective way to maintain heat while extending the life of your furnace.

4. Your Thermostat

One relative, yet overlooked reason for cold spots is that their thermostat could no longer be functioning properly, causing you to be unaware of your home’s temperature. Our HVAC contractor suggests that you should check your thermostat during your yearly maintenance and inspection.

5. Poor Insulation

As mentioned earlier, insulation is a huge factor in get rid of cold spots in your home. Often, the problem isn’t always about your furnace or ducts, but instead it’s simply due to your home not being properly insulated. A poor insulation of your home is not only uncomfortable, it’s also expensive. One thing to do is to get your home’s insulation evaluated by an HVAC contractor to determine if you need to readjust your current system. Unfortunately, this could be costly and sometimes complicated, so get more than one opinion on how to go about your home’s insulation because it can really save you a lot of money in the long run.

Don’t deal with cold spots all winter and instead take advice from our HVAC contractor for all your heating needs!