Bridging the Gap Between Seasons: Prepping Your Home for the End of Summer

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Summer may be winding down, but it isn’t over just yet! There’s plenty of warm weather in our future, but it’s never too early to start thinking about transitioning your HVAC and plumbing systems to prepare for fall. The seasons transition quickly, and the cooler temperatures can sneak up on you with little to no warning at all. The first step in preparing your home for fall is making sure that it’s ready for the switch. Here are a few ways that you can prep your home for the end of summer.

Preparing Your Plumbing System

As one of the most often used features of a home, your plumbing system is equally important! Here are a few things that should be done before rough weather hits in your home:

  • Sump Pump Check. Basement flooding is always a possibility, especially during periods of heavy rain or snow. Your sump pump is in your basement to monitor water levels and pumping excess water safely out of your home. Common sump pump problems are clogs, motor failure, or simply having the wrong size model. Having a professional examine yours will prevent any problems in the event of basement flooding. Be sure to check the sump crock for debris and test your sump pump backup system as well. In the event of an outage, you’ll need your backup to prevent flooding.
  • Clear Gutters. If your home has gutters, they’re responsible for carrying rain water off your roof and away from your home. They’re also designed to prevent icicles or ice dams from forming on your roof, causing expansion and subsequent damage. When gutters get dirty or clogged, rain water will have nowhere to go. Backups can lead to leaks in your home, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.
  • Keep Pipes Clean. Keeping your plumbing system clean and clear of clogs and obstructions is essential in any home. Blockages can wreak havoc on your pipes and cause major problems throughout your home. Here at Roy’s, we offer hydrojetting, plumbing snake, sewer cleaning, and camera inspections to make sure that your pipes are just as ready as the rest of your house for fall and winter.
  • Turn Off Outside Faucets. In preparation for the cooler weather, you should locate your outdoor faucets and spigot shut offs. This will prevent damage when the temperatures drop. Be sure to remove your hoses as well.

Preparing Your Heating System

Your HVAC system should be professionally prepared for the transition between summer and fall. Here are a few things that that should be done before the temperature drops outdoors:

  • Change Your Filters. Don’t you want clean air circulating through your home year round? Your filter should be changed every few months to keep your air pure.
  • Change Thermostat Batteries. Your thermostat needs to work properly in order to reach your desired temperature. Whether you’re currently using it for AC or heating, be sure that the batteries are fresh.
  • Adjust Dampers.Dampers are responsible for controlling the flow of your heated and cool air throughout your entire home, so they need to be adjusted when you switch from cooling to heating.
  • Adjust Humidifier. If you have one, be sure to adjust your humidifier. Whether you have a portable one or a whole home system, you need to make sure that it’s ready to help you through the different moisture levels each season brings.

Schedule Your Fall Heating Tune-Up

Your furnace is responsible for keeping you warm and comfortable during the cooler months. It may still be summer, but it’s never too early to get ready. Here in the Greater New York Area, we’re no stranger to storms or fluctuating temperatures during the fall season, so it’s important to be prepared. Switching from air conditioning to heating isn’t as simple as it sounds, be sure to schedule your tune-up ahead of time. Benefits of a Roy’s tune-up include:

Benefits of Professional Heating Maintenance

  • Less Risk. A damaged furnace, or one that is in serious need of some TLC, can be a major safety hazard. Your furnace uses fuel to heat your home, and if it’s malfunctioning, that could lead to gas and carbon monoxide leaks. A furnace without proper ventilation can start a fire if there are flammable materials nearby. This isn’t meant to scare you – just to let you know how important routine maintenance is in preventing these situations in your home.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. Did you know that a heating system that’s running inefficiently can cause your air quality to lessen? This can cause allergy or asthma symptoms to worsen, as well as other breathing related illnesses to pop up in your home. A tune-up will prevent this from happening altogether.
  • Lower Utilities. Heating systems that haven’t been serviced in a while are more prone to inefficiency. This means that they will require more energy to function, which can cause your utilities to skyrocket. A well-maintained furnace will run efficiently and be less likely to experience problems down the road, keeping your money in your wallet where it belongs.
  • Less Frequent Repairs. It makes sense that routine, professional maintenance will help to extend the lifespan of your furnace. Your furnace is complicated with a lot of components that need routine cleaning and tune ups. Most repairs can be prevented with regular care, which involves cleaning the air filter, keeping it properly ventilated, and routine tune-ups.
  • You’re Home is Prepared! Fall and winter bring harsh weather to the Greater New York Area. Because weather can be unpredictable, there’s not telling exactly when you’ll need to switch on the heat. Even though you’re not ready to turn off your AC yet, you can have peace of mind knowing that your heating system will be ready when you need it.

If you need assistance preparing your home for fall, call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today to schedule your service. We’re ready to help!