The Importance of HVAC Motor Blower Cleaning

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Just like any machine, your HVAC will need regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep it working at its best. You wouldn’t want to drive a car with a worn-down engine or dirty oil, right? It’s the same principle with your HVAC. If parts get run-down, using it will only hurt the machine as a whole. No matter how vigilant you are with basic repairs and cleaning, you’ll need professional help for certain tasks. One of these more complicated tasks involves cleaning out your motor blower.

The dangers of dirtiness

Even if you’re a neat freak over replacing your HVAC’s filter, dirt and other debris can get into your motor blower. A dirty blower can decrease airflow, efficiency, and comfort. When it gets dirty, it gets less effective at heating and cooling, which means it has to work harder to get the same results. In addition, this also lowers your HVAC’s overall lifespan. In particular, a dirty blower increases the amp pull, which can result in burnt out capacitors and eventually cause the motor to fail.

It’s important to note how important clean air is to living comfortably. If your motor blower gets dirty and can’t run as well, it’ll have trouble keeping dust and other contaminants out of the air. If someone in your home has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems, the dirty air make exasperate their symptoms. Even if you don’t have any health issues, all that dust in the air is going to result in you coughing and sneezing more often.

Getting professional motor blower cleaning

It’s not too difficult to do maintenance on various parts of your HVAC. However, if you’re going after the motor blower, it’s a better idea to call one of the professionals at Roy’s. When our technician arrives, they’ll ask you about the sorts of problems you’ve been having with your HVAC and try to diagnose the cause with a visual inspection. If the motor blower is the cause, they’ll carefully remove it, clean it out, and reinstall it. Finally, they’ll run the HVAC to make sure the motor blower works at every power level. Staying on top of your HVAC’s health can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Call the experts at Roy’s today and make your appointment for a spring blower cleaning starting at just $155!