Save Money for the New Year with a New Boiler

Roy's technicians

As the New Year starts and the temperatures drop, you could save on energy costs by replacing your old boiler. New boilers have many features that make them both a cost-effective and energy-conscious choice. A boiler reaches the end of its lifespan between 10 and 15 years after installation. Once you hit that milestone, the repair costs and loss of efficiency begin to add up. If you find yourself looking to lower heating costs, let Roy’s Take the Worry Away by explaining the benefits of replacing your old boiler.

Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler

  1. Lower Heating Costs: When you install a new boiler, the cost to run it will be lower than an older model. Instead of your boiler wasting fuel and not converting it into heat, you will get the most heating power for your money. A new boiler can convert up to 90% of all fuel into useable heat for your home. An older model with 70% efficiency will mean losing 30 cents for every dollar spent toward fuel. You can lower your costs by investing in a new model.
  2. Energy Efficiency Rating: New boilers will have higher energy efficiency standards than ones installed over 10 years ago. Higher efficiency means more heat output and less waste in the process. All boilers are graded between A and G on an efficiency scale. A-rated boilers are 90% efficient, while G-rated boilers are only 70% efficient. This gap in performance means money is being lost if you keep using an aging boiler.
  3. No More Space Heaters: When you have a new boiler, you can feel the difference in your home. Instead of having hot and cold spots around your house, a new boiler will heat evenly and precisely. You will not need to supplement with electric space heaters and waste money on your electric bill. With a new boiler, you will have maximum comfort for the best price.
  4. No Leaks: As your boiler ages, it becomes susceptible to leaks. Leaks in your boiler will cause water damage to your belongings and home which are costly to repair. With a new boiler system, you can rest easy knowing that you have extra protection from leaks.
  5. Setting Your Thermostat: Another way to save money with your new boiler is to have your thermostat on a timer. You can program new thermostat systems to turn on and off at different times of the day. When you utilize a new thermostat paired with an efficient boiler, you can save money by having the boiler shut down while you’re out of the house. New boilers are able to heat up promptly and distribute heat throughout your home quickly. With these upgrades, it will not take as long to heat your home, so turning it off will not impact your comfort.

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