9 Signs You Need a Sewer Main Repair in Buffalo


There’s more to your home’s plumbing than the pipes that bring water into your home. Whenever you use up water, it goes down drains into a sewer line that takes the dirty water away. Like the rest of your plumbing, the sewer main can experience problems, which is a major concern. If it isn’t fixed, a damaged sewer line can flood your basement, burst your pipes, or even cause sewage backups! If you live around Buffalo, NY, Roy’s can help you know the signs so you can call us to repair your sewer main.

Here are nine signs of a sewer main repair in Buffalo:

Slow draining

There are a couple of possible reasons your drains are working slowly. If only a few drains are acting up, you’re likely dealing with a clogged pipe. However, house-wide drain problems are likely caused by problems in the sewer line. Some common causes of sewer pipe damage include tree roots, cracks in the pipe, and flushed objects clogging the pipe. At worst, this could lead to backed-up sewage coming back up the pipes.

High water bills

You should always watch your utility bills to catch any unexplained increases in your expenses. Higher water bills are often a sign that there’s a leak draining your water somewhere. You can trust Roy’s to find and seal up the cracks that are causing your heightened water bills

Bad smells

Sewer pipes are generally airtight so smells and sewage can’t escape. However, if a sewer pipe cracks, you might be able to smell the sewage coming from your drains or around the house. Roy’s can fix or replace that damaged pipe and keep your property smelling fresh.

Pools of septic water

Finding water in your house where there shouldn’t be water is rarely a good sign. Especially if the water smells like sewage. If the sewer line needs repairing, standing pools of foul-smelling water can show up in your house or in your yard.

Low water pressure

Plumbing systems are sensitive to changes in water pressure and even the smallest bit of damage can lower the pressure. If your sewer line takes damage, your home’s water pressure can drop and your plumbing won’t work as effectively. If this happens, call us so we can inspect and fix your system.

Gurgling pipes

Water can get a bit noisy when running through your pipes, and a little bit of noise should be expected. However, if you’re hearing loud gurgling noises coming from your pipes when the water isn’t running, it’s likely caused by trapped air emanating from a crack in the plumbing.

Animals attracted to your yard

The stench of sewage isn’t nice at all, but some animals are surprisingly attracted to it. The smell emanating from pools of septic water tends to attract mice and other rodents. In addition, some insects like to use the water for breeding.

Unusually green lawn

Are parts of your lawn looking particularly green and lush this year? Don’t be so quick to praise the new grass seed. Sewage leaking from your pipes makes great fertilizer, but it’s a fertilizer you don’t want your garden exposed to. Eventually, the bacteria in the water will ruin your lawn and garden.

Cracked foundation

This is an especially worrisome symptom of a damaged sewer line. If you leave a damaged sewer line alone for too long, it might cause structural damage to your home. Some of the more extreme symptoms include cracked foundation and even sinkholes. This is a rare symptom for anyone who is good at maintaining their plumbing. However, you should call for a professional immediately if you notice your foundation is cracked.

Why choose Roy’s to keep my sewers working?

Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling specializes in home improvement installations and repair services.  Family-owned and operated since 1974, we’ve built our reputation on four decades of superior customer care and expert service.  With quality, reliability, and efficiency always in mind, Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is committed to providing outstanding service and quality work.  In 2012, Roy’s was named Buffalo’s Best Plumber by Artvoice, a popular newsweekly. Call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today if you need a Buffalo, NY company to help repair your sewer main!