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Protect your greatest asset by watching out for these common summer plumbing problems. Summer is here and homeowners across America are getting ready for barbecues and fun in the sun. However, these warmer months can also bring their own issues, and they aren’t all related to the heat. Your plumbing system may face some new problems brought about by the change of seasons. How can you protect your home from these issues and what common summer plumbing problems should you be looking out for?

Here are five of the more common summer plumbing problems you’re likely to see:

Clogged garbage disposal

If you hold a lot of cookout during the summer, you should be aware of how you dispose of the food. Produce may be organic, but it might not be good for your garbage disposal, especially if it’s hard to produce like watermelon. This kind of garbage can damage the disposal’s blades or create clogs. In addition, used cooking oil can also cause damage to your disposal system. It’s a good idea to run cold water down the disposal for a few seconds before and after using it.

Sewer line backup

In the summer, parts of the country tend to experience more rain showers and thunderstorms due to the increased temperature. All of this rain can get into sewer lines and cause them to back up. It’s a good idea to get service for your sewers before the summer arrives to avoid the worst problems. In addition, installing a drain plug in each drain can prevent water from coming back up during storms.

Sprinkler problems

With the summer heat comes the need to water your lawn with sprinklers. Of course, these have the tendency to break over time. If they get broken, they’ll waste a good amount of water not watering your lawn, and the grass will die. Before the summer starts, check the sprinkler heads to ensure they’re all working fine. In addition, when you mow your lawn, be sure to do it when the sprinkler heads are lowered so you don’t damage them.

Washing machine maintenance

As summer begins, children will be getting out of school and spending days at the pool or beach. This means that your washing machine will be taking on heavier loads more frequently, putting more stress on it. Keep a close eye on the hoses at the back of the machine to check for leaks and keep the machine slightly away from the wall so the hoses don’t kink. In addition, stay at home while the washing machine is running so you can stop the cycle if problems arise.

Slow-clearing shower drains

When showering off after a day at the beach, be careful about what goes down your drain. Sand, shells, and pebbles in your bathing suits can empty out in the shower and block the drain. To avoid this, rinse off at the beach’s public showers if they have them and take your bathing suit off before bathing or showering. In addition, keep an eye on the drain cover and remove any hair or other bits that could trap more debris in your drains.

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