Central AC Installation in Tonawanda, NY

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Are you considering a central AC installation for your home this summer season? If so, look no further than Roy’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling! We’ll help you find the best options for your family so you’re ready to beat the heat! Roy’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling recently installed a new central AC system in a Tonawanda, NY home.

Before The Central AC Installation

This Tonawanda home was previously facing the summer heat with window units and/or fans. We all know this is doable but provides no ease or additional comfort in the hard New York heat. This Tonawanda family finally decided to make the switch and Call Roy’s for a central AC system installation. After making the appointment, 3 of our talented technicians Josh, Ben and Blake headed out to the job site to complete this installation.

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After the team assessed the area, Ben began removing the system from the truck to prep it for installation. Josh and Blake carefully transported the system to the area of installation in the backyard. (Shown above)

Check out our team in action!

During The Installation

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The team began by installing the system outside and positioning it in the correct spot before securing it in place. Our experienced team members determined the appropriate sizes for refrigerant lines, drain piping, and electrical lines and then connected the indoor and outdoor units. They finished off by connecting the thermostat to the central AC system and doing all the necessary electrical work for the control panel inside the house.

After The Central AC Installation

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The Roy’s team polished off this central AC installation in Tonawanda by performing an installation inspection. This ensures that the install was done correctly and the system functioned properly. With a central AC system you won’t have to worry about the hassle of dedicating an entire weekend to inputting those bulky window units. Not only are they tedious to install and remove at the beginning and end of every season, but they also cause inconsistent temperatures throughout your home. With a central AC system every room in your home will be a consistent temperature, providing you cool days and nights during the hot dog days of summer. Central air is more efficient and provides drastic improved air quality over window units and/or fans. Check out a recent blog post by Roy’s to learn more about the benefits of installing a central AC system in your home here.

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