Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Foods: What Can I Put Down My Garbage Disposal?

Thanksgiving is almost here, and if you’re as excited as we are at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, you’ve already been planning your menu for months. However, before the table is set and the feast can begin, there is one more thing you should ask yourself: “what Thanksgiving foods can I put down my garbage disposal?”

Of course, you should be paying attention to what you use your garbage disposal for year-round, as it is a sensitive and important piece of equipment. However, it’s especially important to consider this device on Turkey Day, as you may be cooking more food this holiday than at any other point during the year. Keep reading for all our Thanksgiving garbage disposal do’s and don’ts, and remember to call our skilled Buffalo plumbers for drain cleaning, pipe repair, and all your other essential plumbing services.

What You Can and Can’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal: Thanksgiving Edition:

  • Vegetables: When it comes down to what vegetables you can put down your garbage disposal, the thing to remember is starchy is good, non-starchy is bad. For instance, while most beans are starchy, green beans, for example, are actually a non-starchy legume (all beans are legumes, but not all legumes are beans, you see.) That means you are fine to get rid of those green bean casserole remnants in the garbage disposal. The same goes for Brussel sprouts dishes and most ingredients in green salads.
  • Corn: Corn is a starchy vegetable, so you will want to throw that corn pudding or casserole away rather than shoving it down your garbage disposal. These dishes also tend to have a lot of carbs in them, so they are already a big no-no for your garbage disposal. However, they’re not as notorious a culprit as…
  • Potatoes: Whether we’re talking sweet, mashed, or anything in between, potatoes are also a starch, and are known for causing major problems for garbage disposals. Not only can the skins of these foods get twisted around the blades of your garbage disposal, but potato pieces often expand in your drains, causing clogs and blockages that can result in major damage.
  • Desserts: Because those Thanksgiving pies have a lot of carbs, you should try to avoid getting rid of them in the kitchen sink. This is also true of the eggs you may need to make your dessert, and the coffee grounds from the drink you’ll serve with it. However, the biggest dessert problem child on Thanksgiving? That would be pumpkin. Another starchy vegetable, you should avoid putting pumpkin pie (not to mention pumpkin soup and those tough pumpkin seeds) in your garbage disposal at all costs.
  • Turkey: This is kind of a tough one, because as a general rule, turkey and other meat scraps are completely safe for your garbage disposal. However, turkey stuffing? Nope—too many carbs and starches that can cause an obstruction. And you should not under ANY circumstances put large turkey bones down your kitchen drains. Anything but the tiniest bone scraps are likely to scratch up, wear down, and even break your garbage disposal blades, forcing you to replace certain components or even purchase a new appliance altogether.

Dial (716) 215-2678 to schedule service with our Buffalo plumbing pros, and for more garbage disposal tips and tricks, just contact us online. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving from everybody here at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.