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Tips to Lower Your Utility Bill This Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year— snow is falling, the fireplace is lit up, and you’ve got a warm cup of hot cocoa in your hands. No complaints here, right? Except maybe your electric bill that seems to skyrocket the deeper we get into this cold season. Buffalo residents are familiar with the high costs that come with winter, but that doesn’t have to be the norm anymore. It’s possible to have a warm home while lowering your utility bill, and our pros at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are here to tell you how!

Adjust your water heater settings

We don’t know anyone who takes 140°F showers, and if you do, you must have a high tolerance for heat. Most manufacturers of water heaters have that as the default setting, yet it’s not necessary. To put it into perspective, most hot tubs are between 100°F to 102°F. Lowering yours down to 120°F can help cut up to 5% off your bill.

Catch drafts and seal them

Check your windows and doors for any drafts coming in. You’re spending all this money on heating your home, don’t let that warm air escape. These leaks also allow cold air to sneak in and make your heater work harder to regulate the temperature. Merely caulking or weatherstripping these leaks will solve the problem!

Rotate your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help take the pressure of our HVAC systems and help lower costs. Did you know you could use yours during the colder seasons too? All you have to do is switch the direction, so they rotate in a clockwise direction. This helps disperse the warm air evenly throughout your home.

Replace air filters

Maintenance is critical if you want an energy-efficient system. A dirty furnace has to work extra hard to produce heat, thus leading to higher bills. Before you head into winter, replace its filter or contact a trusted technician to help you out. You’ll breathe easier and rest knowing your furnace is safe to use for the rest of the season.

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