A water spigot is placed above a faucet, both in shadows

Is That a Ghost – Or Just Bad Plumbing?

Has your house been having ghost and ghoul problems lately? It might not be the spooky season to blame. It might actually just be your bad plumbing.

Bumps in the Night are Probably Pipes

Ghosts are famous for their scary sounds that keep innocent families in horror movies up at night. But if all you’ve been hearing while you’re trying to sleep are strange bumps and rattles, it probably isn’t a ghost dragging chains around your hallway. It is much more likely to be some sort of plumbing issue.

Incorrect water pressure can cause pipes to rattle whenever someone turns on a faucet or the water main inflows. A defective hot water heater can also create some spooky sounds as it is heating up water or refilling. You might even hear your pipes make noise in the middle of the night if they freeze and create a water pressure change in the system.

A full plumbing inspection of your home can get to the bottom of noisy “ghosts.”

Ghoulish Odors Coming from the Sewer

Does your home smell like a haunted house? Don’t blame a ghoul for the odor when it is most likely a problem with your sewer line.

You might not have been notified when you first moved in, but you are responsible for the sewer line under your property line. The city only takes care of the sewer main as it runs under municipal property. If you haven’t done maintenance on your sewer line in years – or ever – the ghost of all sorts of wastewater might come back to haunt you as a bad smell due to a clog, line break, or backflow.

If you smell a strong, foul odor on your property and can’t figure out why, don’t call the Ghostbusters®. Call a plumber instead!

Exorcising Phantom Puddles

Is a ghost leaving puddles of slime around your home or yard? Take a closer look. It is probably just water, and the ghost is most likely bad plumbing yet again.

Certain issues with a plumbing system may not be constant, like a leak that only occurs when a certain appliance is turned on. Such a fault could cause puddles to seemingly appear and dry up without reason. Or, if you have a multistory home and notice a puddle on the first floor, don’t forget that could have originated from the floor above it.

Get a plumber to your home as soon as possible if you are having a phantom puddle issue. It could be much worse than just a tricky spirit!

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