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Heating Hacks for Your Home

After the holiday season paired with months of blasting our heaters, our wallets could seriously use a break. Unfortunately, we still have a while to go until we get a spring break. Don’t worry; if you can’t wait that long, then you’ll want to use these hacks from our experts at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling that help you stay warm without the use of your heater.

Leave the oven door open

We don’t recommend relying on your oven for warmth completely because that could be extremely inefficient, but it’s okay to crack it open the next time you do any baking. The residual heat will spread throughout your home, along with the delicious aroma!

Use natural light

Sunlight can provide a lot of natural warmth, so you should take advantage of it! Break open your curtains and blinds during the day, but remember to close them when the sun goes away to trap the heat inside your home.

Add rugs to your floors

Rugs are a great way to provide extra warmth to your hardwood floors, not to mention the added decor element.

Purchase a draft stopper

You can lose a lot of energy through the gap under doors, which is why we recommend draft stoppers! These cost-friendly tools also help prevent cold air from coming in too.

Move your furniture

Have you placed your sofa directly in front of the radiator or vent to get a front-row seat at the heat show? Bad idea— this could halt the warm air from circulating freely and make your home feel colder If there’s anything else blocking these heat sources, we suggest you move them away.

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The reason your heating expenses are so high is likely from a lack of maintenance. When we don’t take care of our furnaces or boilers, we tend to miss a lot of warning signs. For example, a dirty furnace has to work a lot harder to disperse air, resulting in an increased bill. Our trained technicians at Roy’s are equipped to handle all types of home heating systems, and we can make sure yours is working at its peak performance. Set up an appointment with us online or call us at (716) 215-2678.