Thermostat Settings

The Perfect Thermostat Settings for Winter

Winter is very much here, and at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, our HVAC experts are committed to helping you stay comfortable throughout the season. We’ve talked on our blog before about the importance of the right thermostat for ideal home comfort, but what about making sure you’re taking advantage of everything your thermostat has to offer? It’s true that smart, programmable thermostats can be adjusted around your schedule, but how do you maximize your thermostat for the changing needs of the season? Luckily, Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has all the info you need. Keep reading to learn the perfect thermostat settings for winter, and call our professionals for heating services and more all season long.

For Cold Weather, Follow These Optimum Thermostat Settings:

  • During the Day: On a regular day when you are spending a good amount of time at home, 68° is the perfect thermostat temperature. While we understand this might sound too cold, lowering your thermostat to offset your increased heating system needs will create an ideal climate, and drive your overall energy costs down. We suggest beginning by raising your thermostat a few degrees at the beginning of winter, then lowering it by one degree a day, slowing getting everyone adjusted to the 68° setting.
  • At Night: Once everyone has gone to sleep for the night in hour house, you should actually lower your thermostat even further, to 66°. This is an ideal point for your body temperature, which lowers as you are falling asleep. While some people have the instinct to jack the temperature up before they go to bed, this is just likely to make you uncomfortable, and create a more difficult environment to fall asleep in. Trust us, a few extra blankets, a working heater, and a thermostat set to 66° is the perfect combination for a good winter’s sleep.
  • While You Are Away: When you are gone from your home for extended periods of time, it is best to lower your thermostat to somewhere between 55° and 60°. This will keep your house a consistent temperature in conjunction with your heating system, which should be set to cycle on occasionally to prevent frozen pipes. While this may make your property feel a little chilly when you first return home, a 55°-60° temperature along with a working heater will make it easier for you to warm your house up ASAP.

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