Backflow Prevention

Signs Your Property Needs Backflow Prevention

Many property owners are unfamiliar with the term backflow prevention, yet it is one of the most important parts of any plumbing system. A backflow prevention device ensures changes in water pressure that occur between your municipal water supply and sewage system supply do not result in wastewater getting backed-up and infecting your property’s drinking water. This makes backflow prevention devices essential not only for the health and well-being of everyone on your property, but also for the city you live in, given that backflow prevention keeps your own hazardous sewage water form mixing with the municipal water supply. Keep reading to learn the top signs you need backflow prevention service, courtesy of our expert commercial plumbers at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Top 7 Signs Your Property Needs Backflow Prevention Services

If your backflow prevention device malfunctions, you and everyone else on your property could end up drinking the same water you just flushed down the drain. This is why it’s important to watch out for the signs that you may need backflow prevention service. Luckily, at Roy’s, our plumbing technicians are available for quick and comprehensive inspections, so make sure to call us right away if there’s even a chance you are experiencing a problem with your backflow device.

The Top Seven Signs Your Property Needs Backflow Prevention Services Are:

  1. Your water is discolored: Drinking water that has mixed with sewage water will have a brown, yellow, or possibly pink color.
  2. Your water has a nasty smell: You may detect a bad sulfur smell if your backflow device stops working properly. This could be due to another plumbing issue, too, but that rotten egg odor is a sign sulfur bacteria is present somewhere in your plumbing system, so make sure to call a professional regardless.
  3. Your water is flowing slowly: The presence of wastewater can interrupt the flow of your regular water. Watch out for slow drains, as well as…
  4. Your water levels are inconsistent: When backflow prevention is interrupted, you may suddenly find an increased water level in some of the drains around your property, as well as a decreased water level in others.
  5. Your water tastes bad: There are many reasons your water can taste bad. Many people install water filters simply because they don’t want their water to taste hard and minerally. However, if your water’s taste matches that sulfur smell, or is particularly nasty in some other way, there is a strong chance you are dealing with a backflow prevention problem.
  6. There is sediment in your water: Visible traces of rust or other types of sediment and granules indicate there may be something wrong with your water supply, such as a problem with your backflow prevention device.
  7. There is a leak somewhere on your property: Visible leaks can be an in-your-face indicator of backflow problems. You should be able to spot your backflow preventer on the exterior of your building, so if you notice a leak in this area, call a plumber ASAP.

Roy’s to the Rescue

When you call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for backflow prevention or other types of commercial plumbing services, you can count on our team to be there on-time, equipped with the proper equipment, and ready to get the job done. We are a fully licensed plumbing company guaranteeing 100% satisfaction, and are even available 24/7 for emergency services. Remember, exposure to sewage water is one of the worst risks to your plumbing system and entire property, so do not hesitate to call us for backflow prevention service anytime.

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