Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Can you remember the last time you had your drains cleaned?  

While homeowners do their best to take care of their homes, they often forget to take care of their plumbing systems. We tend to take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach with our plumbing systems until problems occur. However, skipping out on drain cleaning can lead to serious blockages, broken pipes, sewage backup, and massive water damage in your home. To avoid costly damage, it is a good idea to become aware of the signs that something is up with your drains. Keep reading to learn more.  

What to Look For 

Usually, there are several signs you can look out for before your drains become completely clogged. The key is to take action the moment that you notice that they aren’t quite working the way they should.  

Signs that you need drain cleaning include

  • Odd smells: Your drains lead to your sewer lines, which means that problems with your drains are often connected to your sewer line. Blockages in your sewer line can send sewage odors up through your drains.  

  • Strange noises: If your drain is clogged, water will struggle to make its way through the sewer line. This can lead to gurgling or bubbling sounds coming through your drains as water tries to get past the blockage.  

  • Slow draining: If you notice that your sinks or showers are taking a little longer to drain, there could be a clog forming within your pipes.  

  • Standing water: If you notice standing water in your sinks or shower, chances are there is a pretty significant clog in your pipes.  

  • Frequently clogging or overflowing toilets: Occasional clogged or overflowing toilets are common and nothing to be concerned about. You should be concerned, however, if one or both of these issues are occurring on a regular basis.  

  • Sewage backup: Sewage backup is a more serious sign that something is wrong with your drains. It indicates that there is a well-established clog within your sewer line.  

What Causes Clogged Drains?  

Clogged drains are often inevitable. Because we use our drains every single day, they are going to experience some wear and tear. The most common sources of clogged drains include hair, soap scum, fat, grease, oil, dirt, mineral buildup, tree roots, and more. When these things culminate over time, they begin to create blockages in drains and deeper within pipelines.  

How Often Do I Need Drain Cleaning?  

You should schedule drain cleaning in your home one to two times each year. Drain cleaning effectively clears away buildup and blasts away clogs, keeping your pipes in pristine condition and your plumbing system functioning properly. Routine drain cleaning can prevent serious problems with your system such as sewage backup and water damage caused by burst or clogged pipes.  

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