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Backflow Prevention Services in Buffalo, NY

Commercial properties in the Buffalo, NY area often utilize complicated plumbing systems, which can means there is always the threat of backflow: wastewater or other contaminants intermingling with clean water in the system. It can be a serious problem if you let it, and without the proper equipment in place, it’s not apt to change.

Quality commercial plumbing services like the ones at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can provide quality backflow prevention services, which includes backflow testing and system analysis, as well as the installation and repair of backflow prevention devices. If your Buffalo, NY business runs the risk of backflow, or you need backflow testing as part of required routine maintenance for your business, call our trained team today.

What Is Backflow?

The strictest definition of backflow is water that flows in the wrong direction through the pipe. It can occur when the pressure in the pipes forces the liquid backward: either because increased pressure pushes back against the flow of liquid, or reduces pressure causes a shift in the opposite direction (sometimes caused by a leak or the like). This is of particular concern for commercial properties that use chemicals to treat water, have chemical tanks on site, or even those with large irrigation systems.

If backflow pushes such water in the wrong direction, it can contaminate potable water for the entire community, and existing building codes in the Buffalo, NY area require backflow preventers to stop such issues from occurring. Our team can perform backflow testing before installing and maintaining a backflow prevention device in your commercial plumbing system.

It Starts with Testing

When backflow occurs, it tends to take place because of certain prevailing conditions and affect specific locations in your plumbing system. It’s hugely important to pinpoint those locations and identify the potential source of the backflow danger. This is especially true for commercial properties that involve irrigation or similar activities, where backflow constitutes a significant danger.

A qualified plumbing service will begin the process with backflow testing for your device, and can periodically re–test to ensure that the system doesn’t develop any further issues. That way, you can keep your company safe from the threat of backflow, and deal with it before it becomes a problem.

Installation and Repairs are Par for the Course

Backflow prevention devices are actually fairly simple: valves that snap close upon detecting backflow (either the liquid itself or a change in pressure) to keep your potable water clean. Installing such a system still requires the skill and experience that a qualified plumber can bring: someone familiar with the building codes that dictate the specifics of backflow prevention devices and can set them up the right way.

That continues past the initial installation, however. The right service can be on hand to inspect the backflow prevention devices for signs of trouble, and perform repairs or replacement services in the event that work is needed on them. That way, you can be assured that the potable water supply will always be clean and that backflow never impacts your business! We take the worry away, so call out trained team to discuss your backflow options in Buffalo, NY.