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Home EV Charger Installation In The Buffalo, NY Area

You’re a Call Away from a Worry-Free EV Charger Installation in Buffalo & Western NY

Are you in need of EV charger installation in Buffalo & Western NY? Roy’s has been a part of the Buffalo community since 1973. In that time we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners install high-efficiency home EV chargers for a faster charge to get where you’re going. You can count on Roy’s to provide fast, efficient EV charging stations that fit your home and budget, and to resolve your every concern before completing the job.


Fast, efficient Level 2 EV chargers

Free installation

Free installation estimates and upfront pricing

Special financing

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Service Details

Faster EV charge times are a quick call away

If you have an electric vehicle or are in the process of purchasing one, installing an EV charger will dramatically speed up the time it takes for your car to fully charge. The good news is that Roy’s offers fast, Level 2 EV chargers. Plus, we take the stress out of your EV charger installation with free estimates, no-nonsense upfront pricing and flexible financing options.

Cost Factors

Several factors affect the cost of an EV charger installation

For free estimates and second opinions, call Roy’s!

One of the ways Roy’s takes the stress out of our EV charger installations is by giving our customers free estimates. Just as important, our electricians work hard to learn about your particular EV needs and find the charger that best fits. Our customers are never pressed to make a decision until they’re 100% comfortable with their options.

What factors affect the cost of your home EV charger installation?

Here in the Buffalo area, the cost range of an EV charger install can be quite large, but mainly comes down to these factors:

  • The location of the install. The closer your home EV charger is installed to the electrical panel, the less costly the project. This is because conduit must be run from the panel to the charger—and the more conduit needed, the higher the cost of labor and materials.
  • Whether you’ll need to upgrade your panel. If your electrical panel does not have the spare capacity for the charging station’s dedicated circuit, you’ll need to either upgrade your panel or install a sub-panel (or both) to provide enough power for the EV charger. Upgrading or installing another panel will increase the overall cost of the project.
  • Available tax credits or rebates. Electric vehicle tax credits and incentives are readily available for homeowners in the state of New York. The more tax credits and incentives you qualify and apply for, the less you’ll pay out of pocket for your EV charger when all is said and done. Our team can walk you through this process and share with you the particular tax credits/rebates/incentives available to you.


Our worry-free EV charger install process

We review EV chargers with you during a free consultation

At Roy’s, our consultations are always free and never stressful. Our objective is to help you find the EV charger that best meets the needs of your electric vehicle, travel habits and budget. In that regard, we’ll work with you and share our EV charger options to make this process as straightforward and relaxing as possible.

We create your worry-free installation experience

Every EV charger installation is different. We account for this by bringing you into the install process with us. We’ll ask about concerns you have about the install so we can address them up front. We can set you up with a financing plan and organize any manufacturer rebates or tax credits as well!

We send out an install team to finish the job right

Most of the time, we can have your brand new high-efficiency EV charger installed in just a few hours. On the day of the installation, our team diligently protects your garage floors, yard and other belongings and makes sure all tools and trash have been removed from your home once the job is complete.

We make sure you had a great experience

Before we leave, our team will make sure you’re happy with the new charger station and comfortable with how to use it. If any questions or concerns come up after the installation, just give us a call and we’ll get you the help you need.

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