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Heat Pump Services in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY is infamous for its cold and snowy winters, and residents know that our summers can be as hot and muggy as our winters are freezing. That means your home needs both a reliable heater and a quality air conditioner in order to keep your family healthy and comfortable. What if there were a way to do both with the same system? That’s what you get with a heat pump system: a device that uses the principles of air conditioning to both heat and cool your home.

At Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we’re skilled in heat pump installation, heat pump repair and heat pump maintenance, which means we can both set up a new heat pump system in your home and fix a problem with an existing system for you. If you have need of heat pump services in Buffalo, NY, call on us to do the job right. We take the worry away!

How Do Heat Pump Systems Work?

Heat pump systems operate according to the same principles of air conditioning: circulating refrigerant that first releases heat outside the home, then cools the air inside the system (which can then be blown through the vents) before starting again. In that sense, heat pumps are no different than regular air conditioners, especially in the summer.

They do provide a telling wrinkle, however: an ability to essentially reverse that process and release heated air into your home while cooling the air outside. As a result, the system can serve as both a heater and an air conditioner in one. Our team can perform heat pump installation throughout the Buffalo, NY area!

What Is the Benefit of Using Heat Pumps?

The big benefit to using heat pumps is the savings they provide when serving as a heater. Traditional heating systems consume fuel to function: usually either gas or electricity. Heat pumps, on the other hand, rely largely on the refrigerant to move heat, a renewable resource that isn’t consumed when it is used. You only need electricity to pump it through the system and operate the fans.

That means the cost of heating is much lower than it might be using other sources of heat. Considering the length of our winters, that can add up to quite a bit.

Heat pumps tend to work best when temperatures remain around the freezing level, but new advancements have made them much more efficient, and even when paired with smaller furnaces the savings are considerable.

Trust Our Team for All Phases of Heat Pump Service

Heat pump installation, heat pump repair and heat pump maintenance are all necessary services when using a heat pump in your home. The system needs to be installed and replaced the right way, and repairs need to take place with smooth efficiency. Maintenance is required to help prevent unexpected breakdowns and to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

For all of these operations, you want a company like ours with the experience in heat pump technology to perform whatever you require without having to rely on a company with no real skill in this field. That helps you take full advantage of the heat pump’s efficiency and ensure long life for your system.