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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifier Services in Buffalo, NY

Every HVAC system comes with an air filter, designed to strain out dust and other particles from the air as it cycles through the system. It’s an easy solution, but it comes with some drawbacks. Filters need to be changed periodically, for instance, and while new filters can be purchased at any hardware store in the Buffalo, NY area, it’s still a nuisance and can cost you a fair amount over the lifetime of the air conditioner.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. The friendly pros at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can provide a wide variety of air filters and air purification devices that go above and beyond the simple components included in most HVAC systems. We can also repair and replace such filtration systems when needed, as we treat you like family and your home as if it were ours. If you’d like cleaner air in your Buffalo, NY home, call on us every time. We take the worry away!

Who Benefits from Air Filtration and Air Purifiers?

Improved air purification devices make for a cleaner and healthier home overall, which makes them excellent for any household in the Buffalo, NY area. In particular, we recommend them for households that may contain sensitive residents such as:

  • Infants. Newborn babies are often more vulnerable to dust and other contaminants in their environment.
  • The Elderly. Similarly, elderly residents may suffer from increased sensitivity, and would benefit from cleaner, healthier air.
  • Existing Conditions. Conditions such as asthma may leave residents vulnerable to dust and dirt, as well as germs.
  • Job Conditions. Residents who work in hospitals or the retail industry can often bring germs home. Air filters help stop those contaminants in their tracks.

Electronic Air Filters Are Comprehensive

The benefit of an electronic air filter instead of a regular filter in your home is that it’s comprehensive. Traditional filters, no matter how comprehensive, still leave openings for tiny particles to slip through. Electronic air filters get around all of that by using an ionization chamber instead. Dust particles enter the chamber and are ionized, causing them to stick to the sides of the chamber or a collection plate.

Accordingly, the air in your home is much cleaner with an air filtration system of this kind than a simpler filter. And while electronic air filters need to be cleaned periodically, they can perform effectively for many years, saving you the cost of buying filters at the hardware store over and over again.

UV Air Purifiers Stop Germs

If you’re more concerned about biological contaminants like germs and mold spores, a UV air purifier is more likely to produce the results you need. They use UV light to sterilize the air: forcing it through the light as it cycles through the HVAC system and either killing germs outright or preventing them from replicating. Either way, your home becomes a cleaner and healthier place to be.

Our team can install a UV air purifier in your home, then keep it maintained, replace the bulbs, and repair the system in the unlikely event it suffers a breakdown. It can help your family avoid illnesses as well as keeping stale, stagnant air from arising in your home.