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Sewer Line Services in Buffalo, NY

Few people want to contemplate the issue of sewer line repair or sewer line replacement here in Buffalo, NY. It’s rarely a pleasant job and until recently, it involved a lot of time and effort. Sewer lines are typically buried beneath the ground in your Buffalo, NY property, which protects them from damage but makes them tough to reach when trouble arises.

At least it used to be that way. With proper training and the right equipment, qualified plumbers can conduct sewer repair and sewer line replacement services quickly and effectively. The trained pros at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling perform sewer line services throughout the Buffalo, NY area. More importantly, we put your mind at ease, explaining every step of the process and inspecting our work to keep your home safe. We take the worry away!

Sewer Lines Are Vital

The sewer line is connected to the drains in your home, carrying wastewater from the sinks, showers, washing machines and toilets out of the home and into the Buffalo, NY sewer system. That makes it an absolutely necessity for the home, and you can’t afford to just sit on any problem when it arises.

Though larger than most pipes, it’s essentially no different than any other, and runs into the same problems that other pipes do: clogs, breaches, corrosion and the like. The problem is that it’s buried underground, which makes reaching the pipe a serious issue.

How Do Professionals Make Repairs

Sewer replacement and repair operations used to be expensive and time–consuming simply because the pipe had to be excavated to treat the issue and then reburied when the operation was done. That meant renting construction equipment, hiring extra workers, and adding hours – or even days – to the time required to get it done. That comes on top of issues like the cold weather of our Buffalo, NY winters, which can freeze the ground solid.

Professional plumbers have solved that issue with the advent of trenchless technology. Our plumbers are able to perform sewer repairs simply by digging a pair of small holes in the ground and running the necessary devices down from the surface, replacing the pipe with a flexible pipe liner that’s inserted in the worn length of piping. High technology cuts the work time and expenses down to a minimum, ensuring that the problem gets corrected without turning your property into a literal construction zone.

Our Team Does It All for Buffalo Sewer Lines

When a new sewer line needs to be put in, you need to call a plumbing service with the experience to do the job right. The same holds true with a sewer line that needs repairs, or even one that just needs a maintenance session every now and again. Considering the importance your main sewer line holds in keeping your home healthy and comfortable, you need a service with the experience to do the job the right way.

We have decades of experience with sewer line services, and our team keeps up with the latest developments in the field. Whether you need a new sewer line put in, or a clog or leak in an existing one addressed with confidence can care, call on the team that combines 40 years of experience with the latest tools to do the job!