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Trenchless Technology Services in Buffalo, NY

The sewer line in your Buffalo, NY home carries wastewater away from various fixtures such as the sinks and toilets, connecting your home’s plumbing to the larger civic sewer systems. That line is typically buried underground, and when it ran into trouble, it could spell a messy and very expensive repair operation.

But that’s all in the past. Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling utilizes trenchless sewer line repair and trenchless sewer line replacement: correcting the issue effectively without all the time and cost that older services were forced to expend. The friendly professionals at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling perform pipe relining using no-dig technology as well as trenchless sewer line replacement services throughout the Buffalo, NY area. And we will put your mind at ease by explaining the process from beginning to end. We take the worry away!

Sewer Repair Used to Be Devastating

Today, we make it easier to get pipe repair without destroying your property. The problem with old methods of sewer repair isn’t the sewer line itself: typically a leak in the sewer line is no different than a leak anywhere else in your pipe and drain system. But because this line is buried under the ground, getting to it to perform such operations seems extremely difficult.

It usually means excavating the entire pipe, which meant hiring additional workers and renting expensive construction equipment, the operation could take days and often had to account for inclement Buffalo, NY weather. When it was over, your yard was usually a dreadful mess, requiring further expense to landscape and restore your lawn and greenery.

Trenchless Technology Changes That

No–dig technology revolutionizes sewer line services for the simple fact that it eliminates the need to dig. You didn’t require any expensive equipment, and the operation often took a fraction of the time it might otherwise, even with bad weather factored in.

The basics are simple. A small pair of holes can be dug on either side of the problem spot and a miniature video camera can be run down on a line to get an effective look at the problem. After hydro jetting the pipe, we run pipe relining material through the old pipe with hydraulic equipment.

The pipe is coated with an adhesive to seal any leaks or breaches. This is a method of repair and sewer line replacement: breaking up the old line and fitting the new one into place quickly. Best of all, the operation takes place with minimal disruption to your yard, requiring only one or two small holes to be filled in!

Our Team Is Ready to Go

Whether a leak has developed in your sewer line, or the entire length of pipe needs to be replaced with a new one, trenchless technology is the way to do it. Our trained staff has the experience and skills you need to perform trenchless technology operations: using modern techniques with plain old–fashioned hard work to get the job done.

We know how daunting a sewer line problem can be, and we know you need an effective solution to the issue without costing you an arm and a leg. Our team will perform a thorough inspection and recommend a course of action, then deploy trenchless technology to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. Call on us today to take the worry away.