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Kitchen Plumbing Services in Buffalo, NY

Kitchen plumbing is often very practical in nature, since the kitchen is one of the most practical parts of the house. Dishwashers need reliable water lines to work, as do most refrigerators and freezers. That comes on top of the kitchen sink itself, without which it would be nearly impossible to cook food and perform basic cleaning functions, along with important components like the garbage disposal units.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and when one part of its plumbing runs into trouble, it can bring your whole household grinding to a halt. Here in Buffalo, NY, the trained professionals at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can repair sink plumbing, faucet plumbing, garbage disposal units, and other parts of your kitchen plumbing. We can also install new fixtures and replace old ones that need to be sent out to pasture. We take the worry away, so contact our team today!

Trust Us with Replacement

Sometimes, you need to replace a component like a kitchen sink with a new one, either because the existing one is broken beyond repair or as part of a more cosmetic remodeling project. Either way, the kitchen plumbing system is a central part of your Buffalo, NY home, and any replacement needs to be made with care and attention to every detail. Otherwise, you’ll sense the shabby aspect of the installation every time you use the sink or appliance in question, and your quality of life will suffer.

That’s why we back our kitchen sink and plumbing installation and replacement jobs with a 100% guarantee. That means no lemons!

Signs That You Need Repairs

Sink repair and other repair issues with the kitchen plumbing in your Buffalo, NY home don’t just arise out of nowhere, and in many cases, they provide subtle yet distinct signs of a problem. Spotting those signs can make a big difference, allowing you to summon a qualified professional sooner rather than later and usually saving a great deal of money in the process. These signs can include:

  • Puddles appearing under the sink or in other spots where they shouldn’t.
  • Strange noises emitting from your garbage disposal unit or the unit refusing to work at all.
  • Water that drains slowly from your kitchen sink or dishwasher.
  • Reduced water pressure from the sink or dishwasher
  • Strange or misshapen ice appearing in your refrigerator’s ice machine.

If you spot any signs that something is wrong, turn off the water to the affected appliance and call us in today!

We Perform Emergency Repairs Too

Not every repair makes itself known at a convenient point in time, but in some cases, you can’t sit tight for hours or days until a plumber can be called. When the issue needs to be resolved immediately, you require a plumber who can perform emergency repairs.

Our trained technicians are on–hand anytime, day or night, and in the event you can’t simply sit tight until the morning or the weekend is over, all you need to do is give us a call. Our emergency services contain the same guarantee as our regular services, and when it comes to kitchen repairs, we won’t rest until the job is performed correctly.