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Tank Water Heater Services in Buffalo, NY

When we think about water heaters, we usually think about tank water heaters, the tall cylindrical devices in a basement or garage. These are the most common water heaters in Buffalo, NY, but that doesn’t make them indestructible. Just like any other appliance, they run into trouble from time to time—but we are here to put your mind at ease when they do.

When you experience water heater trouble, you can count on the team at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to handle the issue the right way. We can repair and maintain existing water heaters to make sure you fully enjoy the benefits they provide, as well as installing new tank water heaters when the old one wears out. We will repair or replace one of our water heater installations within 6 years (as long as it receives basic maintenance. You won’t get a lemon—guaranteed! Call us today for water heater service throughout Buffalo, NY. We take the worry away!

Types of Water Heaters

The majority of tank water heaters in the Buffalo, NY area are gas tank water heaters, which use burners fueled by natural gas to heat up the water. They cost more to install than some electric types of water heater because they require gas lines to function. But they tend to cost less to operate, since gas is cheaper than electricity.

Electric water heaters, on the other hand, use electric coils powered by your home’s electrical grid to heat the water. They work well for rural homes that might not have access to civic gas lines. They’re cheaper to install, but cost more to run, which could be a factor in determining which type of tank water heater works best for your home. But whether it’s a gas tank water heater or an electric tank water heater, our team has the skills you need to perform the installation the right way!

Get Repairs Conducted Quickly

Repairing a faulty tank water heater means moving fast. Because problems with water heaters tend to develop very quietly – and because we rarely take notice until overt symptoms start to appear – the sooner a problem can get dealt with the better. It could mean the difference between a relatively inexpensive repair call and a much more expensive replacement call.

That’s why our team specializes in moving quickly, with stocked trucks ready to go and the skills needed to quickly evaluate the source of the problem. We also provide emergency services to handle the issue 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And if we installed your water heater in the last 6 years, and it’s been properly maintained, we will provide the repair or tank replacement.

Prevent Water Heater Repairs in Buffalo, NY

Because take water heaters don’t show signs of damage until the problem has spread in most cases, we always recommend annual maintenance services for your home’s water heater. It gives the technician a chance to check for any serious problems before they get too large.

In addition, maintenance sessions help curb the kinds of conditions that create problems with your tank water heater, such as replacing the anode rod (which prevents rust) and flushing the tank (which gets rid of sediment). That way, your water heater can last longer and cost less to run. Just be sure to call Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to get the care and attention your system deserves.