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When there are clogs in your drain system, you need to be able to bring in a team who can identify the location of the blockage, determine its cause, and treat it at the root. At Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we are committed to offering thorough & effective drain cleaning for results that last.

Why Call a Drain Cleaning Expert vs. Fixing Yourself?

We strongly encourage our customers to call in professional Buffalo drain cleaning experts rather than trying to address the issues themselves. Using things like plungers, snakes, or store-bought chemicals can often do more harm than good, potentially compromising the pipes and resulting in much more extensive damage.

Call our team at (716) 215-2678 today to schedule an estimate with our experts. We are available 24/7 for emergency services throughout Buffalo, NY!

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

One of the most important parts of resolving clogs is knowing what caused them. Some of the most frequent culprits include:

  • Foreign objects and debris: Over time, grease, fat, food, soap, and hair can accumulate in the pipes, causing slowdowns, blockages, and possibly structural damage
  • Damaged or broken pipes: Pipes may collapse due to age or external problems like tree roots
  • External clogs: Following heavy rains that move large volumes of water, dirt and debris can make their way into outside drains and stop normal water flow

Depending on the cause of drainage issues on your property, we may utilize one of several methods for addressing the problem. These include hydro jetting, which uses high-powered water jets to clear stubborn obstructions; plumbing snakes, which are fast and effective tools to clear moderate blockages; sewer cleaning, to clear out tree roots and debris; and video inspections to identify the causes of especially problematic clogs.

Why Is My Drain Making Gurgling Sounds?

If you should ever hear an odd sort of “gurgling” sound coming from your drain, you could have anything from a partial blockage to failing plumbing, but pay attention to when you hear the noise.

  • If you only hear it at a nearby shower or sink drain when the nearest toilet is flushed:
    • You may have an inadequate drain vent system.
    • The drain line could also be blocked.
    • If it is only partially clogged, then all of the fixtures served by that line will be slow to drain.
    • If you have plumbing vents in your roof, they may have become clogged by an insect or a bird’s nest. There is also the possibility that an animal may have been trapped inside the vent.
  • If you hear an odd sound in your toilet while your shower is running:
    • You probably have some sort of blockage far down your line.

How Do You Fix Drain Blockages Farther Down Your Drain?

When you have drain blockages farther down the line, the average plumbing snake won’t reach it. We have longer snakes that we can use to reach a problem, but sometimes even those aren’t enough.

So what option is left to clear the clog and stop the gurgling noise coming from your drains? Hydro jetting. When we use this method, we send high pressure water quickly down your pipes to completely obliterate all obstructions.

We guarantee your drains will be flowing like new again.

We Use the Best in Technology to Fix Your Drains

The best thing you can do to begin addressing your issue is to have a professional Buffalo plumber come in and investigate the system. Using the best in industry technology, a technician should investigate the pipes of your home either through camera or more advanced technology such as infrared to uncover the true nature of the issue.

This ensures that the solution provided actually fixes the issue, rather than just temporarily providing relief while a major problem lurks just around the corner.

Always Prepared & Always Solution-Oriented

At Roy’s Plumbing, we’ll do all of this and more:
  • We’ll come to your home in a marked, fully stocked truck
  • A trained technician will fully inspect the system
  • We’ll provide you with some options on how to address the issue

We come prepared for each job so it’s likely that we can address them right away. You shouldn’t expect anything less when dealing with a clogged drain. Improperly identifying the issue can lead to serious damage to your home and end up costing you thousands. Make sure your is good hands by hiring the best Buffalo has to offer. Just Call Roy’s and you’ll know you have the best.

We are proud to provide specialized plumbing services to our customers. Our team of drain cleaning specialists in Buffalo works tirelessly to provide fast solutions that you can count on.

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