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Plumbers and HVAC Contractors in Cheektowaga, NY

Homes and businesses are not unlike the human body, in that they have a number of different systems that need to work in conjunction for the space to function. That can include plumbing systems and heating and air conditioning systems, all of which need to be maintained, repaired, and eventually replaced to ensure maximum health and comfort.

Here in Cheektowaga, NY, there’s one company you can turn to that can address a wide variety of systems safely and effectively. The trained pros at Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are ready to handle any problem you might have. Call us today. We take the worry away!

Plumbing Should Never Be Left to Amateurs

Plumbing systems often run into trouble here in Cheektowaga, NY: anything from a clog to a frozen pipe to a full–bore fixture replacement. And homeowners with their eye on the bottom line may be tempted to attempt to fix the issue themselves rather than pay a plumber to do it. In most cases, this can be a mistake. Professional plumbers bring both experience and high–end equipment to the task, meaning that the job always gets done the right way.

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Repairs Are a Snap

Most plumbing repairs take place in the kitchen or the bathroom, which hold the bulk of fixtures and outlets. They’re also among the most heavily used parts of most Cheektowaga, NY homes, with regular meals prepared, and cleaning and grooming duties performed on a daily basis. When plumbing troubles arise in those positions, you need the right team to deal with it. We’re ready to go whenever you encounter problems, so contact us today!

Water Heaters Are Vital to Your Home

We rarely think much about our water heaters, which do their jobs quietly and are often tucked away in seldom–used parts of the home. Unfortunately, when trouble arises, it tends to catch homeowners by surprise, and when water heaters have problems, it can shut down your entire household. Our friendly team can repair and replace faulty water heaters throughout the Cheektowaga, NY area, and our maintenance plan can prevent problems from forming in the first place!

We Handle Air Conditioning Repair Service

Summers in upstate New York are hot, muggy, and altogether brutal. You need your air conditioner to function without fail day in and day out to keep your home comfortable. A breakdown can be more than just a nuisance. It can leave your family vulnerable to health risks during a heat wave. That’s why our trained team is on all 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle air conditioning repair services.

Heating Repairs Are More Than Luxuries

As hot as our summers are, our winters are even colder, with heavy snow and temperatures that remain well below freezing for most of the early months of the year. If your heating system goes on the fritz, it can turn your home into an icicle in a matter of hours. When repairs are needed, you want a team that not only arrives quickly, but fixes the problem the right way, so that it doesn’t return before the winter ends. Roy's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is your source for prompt Cheektowaga heating repairs!

Plumbing Options

Commercial plumbing systems are a vital part of your Cheektowaga business. Restaurants and similar organizations need water for ice machines and industrial dishwashers among other needs, which can differ significantly from residential plumbing systems. That comes on top of basic needs like sinks and bathrooms, which every commercial space needs, and which can often be more complicated to maintain than residential plumbing systems. Our team has the skills and experience to take care of commercial plumbing installation, maintenance and repair!

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Amazing Service, Really Nice Guys!

Service was great, the guys were hilarious, Brian is the man! They booked me for next day service, which was great, because my AC busted itself. On top of that, I got 25% off, because of the website coupons! Done in two hours. :)

Brian  A.

Brian A.

Replaced a blower motor for a new client

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