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Electrical Panel Upgrades In The Buffalo, NY Area

You’re a Call Away from a Worry-Free Electrical Panel Upgrade in Buffalo & Western NY

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We take the stress out of electrical panel upgrades

Worrying about an old, frail or faulty electrical panel can be stressful. Thankfully, Roy’s is at the ready with high-quality electrical panel services, free estimates and easy financing plans. We’ve given hundreds of homeowners in the Buffalo area a worry-free electrical panel upgrade. And we can easily do the same for you.

Cost Factors

Several factors affect the cost of an electrical panel upgrade

For free estimates and second opinions, call Roy’s!

One of the ways Roy’s Electrical takes the stress out of electrical panel upgrades is by giving our customers free estimates. Just as important, our installers work hard to find the best electrical panel for your home and budget. Our customers are never pressed to make a decision until they’re 100% comfortable with their options.

What factors affect the cost of your electrical panel upgrade?

Here in the Buffalo area, the cost range of an electrical panel upgrade can be quite large, but mainly comes down to these factors:

  • The size of the new panel. The larger the new panel, the more it will cost. Electrical panels are sized in “amperage”, which measures the strength of the electric current that the panel sends into your home. Residential panel sizes can range anywhere from 100 to 400 amps. Our licensed electricians will inspect your home’s current electrical load to make sure your new panel matches your power needs before we install the equipment.
  • Whether or not rewiring is needed. Sometimes, upgrading an electrical panel requires rewiring the entire home. This is especially true for older homes. If a whole-home rewiring is needed, it will increase the overall cost of the project but will ensure that your home’s entire electrical system is safe, up-to-code and functional. Our electricians will let you know if rewiring is needed. And, unlike other companies, our electricians are certified to handle whole-home rewiring projects themselves, which saves you the hassle and cost of hiring another company.
  • The need for additional outlets. If you have an older home with an outdated electrical panel, it’s likely that there aren’t enough outlets to keep your home up to code. The NEC (National Electric Code) states that an outlet should be installed every 12 feet of wall in living spaces. Installing new outlets throughout the home will raise the cost of your panel upgrade.


Our worry-free panel upgrade process

We schedule a time to discuss upgrade options

When you reach out to us, our first goal is to schedule out a time to meet with you and determine the size panel you might need. Once we’ve determined the panel size you need, we’ll share different panel options and price estimates for each.

We help you select a new panel and prepare for the install

Once you’ve selected your new panel, the next steps are to help you set up a financing plan and schedule out a time to return and complete the panel upgrade and wiring.

We install your brand new electrical panel

Your electrician will arrive with your brand new panel, lay down drop cloths and safely place your belongings out of harm’s way. We’ll handle everything needed to complete the installation. Typically, our panel upgrades take about a day to complete (about 4 to 6 hours), depending on the difficulty of installation.

We make sure you had a great experience

After we’ve completed the installation, we’ll test out the new panel and make sure all your home appliances work. We’ll also answer any final questions you have and make sure you had a great experience with Roy’s!

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